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Shek Tsai Wan Pier is located at Ma Wan in Tsuen Wan District, in vicinity to the Ma Wan Fish Culture Zone where many fish rafts can still be found. Shek Tsai Wan Pier is one of an important landing point for fishermen in Ma Wan. The Shek Tsai Wan Pier was built a long time ago and it is hard to find out who the builder was. At present, the pier was mainly used by small fishing vessels.

Current View of Piers

We need to enhance the structural safety and landing facilities of Shek Tsai Wan, and avoid impact on the water quality in the adjacent Ma Wan Fish Culture Zone. The consultation to relevant stakeholders was conducted. In response to the opinions obtained regarding the improvement works of Shek Tsai Wan Pier, local needs and environmental impact, we have developed a preliminary design of the pier improvement works.

Location of Piers

Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier

Yi O Pier

Ma Wan Chung Pier