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Yi O Pier is located at Yi O on Lantau Island in Islands District and southwest of Tai O. There is no road carriageway to Yi O, but it is accessible by sea or foot through the Lantau Trail. The Yi O Pier was built a long time ago and it is hard to find out who the builder was. At present, the villagers of Yi O, tourists and hikers travel between Tai O and Yi O by boat and access at Yi O Pier. 

Current View of Piers

Vessels are difficult to berth at Yi O Pier at low tide due to the shallow depth of water. We need to solve the problem in water depth and protect the nearby ecological environment as well. The consultation to relevant stakeholders was conducted. In response to the opinions obtained regarding the improvement works of Yi O Pier, local needs and environmental impact, we have developed a preliminary design of the pier improvement works.

Location of Piers

Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier

Shek Tsai Wan Pier

Ma Wan Chung Pier