This study was completed. The information in this website has been archived and will not be updated.
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Welcome to the website of the “Study for Pier Improvement at Yung Shue Wan, Shek Tsai Wan, Yi O and Ma Wan Chung – Investigation” (“The Study”).

In November 2017, the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) commenced a technical study on Yung Shue Wan Public Pier, Shek Tsai Wan Pier, Yi O Pier and Ma Wan Chung Pier. The Study includes carrying out preliminary engineering and environmental study, ground investigation works, preliminary design and consultation with related stakeholders. The purpose of the Study is to explore the feasibility of enhancing the structural safety of the piers and improving the existing facilities.

8 May 2020 – The Executive Summary was uploaded

22 July 2019 – Consult Traffic and Transport Committee of Islands District Council on improvement works at Yung Shue Wan Public Pier and Yi O Pier

6 May 2019 – Consult Traffic and Transport Committee of Tsuen Wan District Council on improvement works at Shek Tsai Wan Pier 

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